Team Work

Belbin explained and your Belbin role

Meredith Belbin conducted extensive research over 10 years into what makes teams successful. His results were astounding, the most successful teams were not the most intelligent, nor the most experienced. In fact the most successful teams were those with a diverse range of skills and capabilities. He identified the nine key roles required to complete a successful teams, Identify your preferred team roles and appreciate the strengths of your colleagues. A full Belbin profile is included for each participant.

*Additional fee per Belbin team role profile

How to build an extraordinary team

From Steve Jobs to Lewis Hamilton, behind most examples of individual success sits an unseen team. Organisations such as Google and IDEO realise that collaboration is one of the key ingredients to success, creativity and problem-solving. So how does a high performing team behave and how do you go about building one? What can make a team dysfunctional and how can you fix a broken team? Find out all the answers to these questions in this bite-sized session. And we promise we’ll try not to use the word ‘synergy’ whilst we explain.


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