People Management & Leadership

The Management Development team wants to unlock your potential and enable you to achieve extraordinary things. Our mission is to help individuals achieve a positive sense of well-being, belonging, meaning, and purpose through workplace-focused self-development.

We can create training which is tailored and contextualised to your organisation’s specific needs, supporting your staff to develop competencies that are key to the success of your organisation in a fast moving, ever-changing world.

Choose from our range of courses to build a training programme that suits your requirements, which can be delivered in the classroom, online, via e-learning or a combination of all three.

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Leading Change

If leaders are to thrive in the 21st century they must go beyond merely accepting change, but must embrace it, whilst recognising the challenges that embedding new structures, practices and systems brings.

✓ Creativity and Innovation

✓ Openness to Change

✓ Managing Stress/Being Resilient

✓ Strategic Thinking/Vision

Leading People

Leadership is inherently about people, building trust, developing teams’ capabilities and creating a culture of empowerment and innovation in which people can thrive and perform at their best.

✓ Developing People

✓ Conflict Management

✓ Managing Diversity

✓ Motivating Your Staff

✓ Delegating Effectively

✓ Developing Trust

✓ Team Building

Focus on Results

A focus on results requires drive, energy and determination as well as an ability to see the bigger picture and extract the important from the swamp of data and information that we are all drowning in.

✓ Accountability

✓ Decisiveness

✓ Problem-solving

Coalition Building

In an ever-more interconnected and complex world, social intelligence and collaboration are the keys to securing the future and building the social capital of an organisation.

✓ Collaboration and Partnership

✓ Influencing/Negotiation

✓ Commercial Awareness